Cape Fear Timber Company is a professional forestry firm providing landowners with assistance in all aspects of forest land management. We offer assistance in many forest management applications, including:

Timber Sales

Often timber is only sold once in a lifetime. Therefore it is imperative that the sale be well planned and carefully executed. Professional experience regarding timber volumes and current market prices are essential to secure the highest possible price for your timber. Read more

Timber Appraisals

Cape Fear Timber Company provides guaranteed estimates of volume, value and growth status of your timber. We also provide appraisals of damage resulting from fire, insects, disease, storms or illegal cutting. Read more

Boundary Maintenance

Cape Fear Timber Company can locate and mark property corners and boundary lines. Read more

Timberland Management

Cape Fear Timber Company will develop a management plan for your tract based on existing conditions. Long term and short term plans can be developed based on needs of the landowner. These plans are able to predict growth, value and volume depending on the chosen management option. Read more


Cape Fear Timber Company offers assistance in growing your next forest. Our services include:

  • Preparation of the reforestation plan
  • Assistance in securing state or federal costs share assistance
  • Site preparation
  • Tree planting and subsequent inspections.
    Read more
Timber Evaluation

If you have any questions about the status of your timber investment, please contact us. We offer a free inspection of your timberland. Read more

GPS/GIS Services

We offer GPS and GIS services to map your property with the precision of today’s modern technology. Read more

  • Forestland

    One-third of the United States is covered by forests, making forestland the number one type of land use in the United States.  Sixty percent of North Carolina is covered in forests.


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